The Painted Sheep (06/21/08)

There was this house party I went to in Enfield. I made a wrong turn down a street but it happened to be right next to the house, so I parked on the side of the street.

At some point the party moved to another person's house and I got in my car and drove there. At that party I met up with Kris from The Painted Sheep and she gave me a job. Yay. It would be office work or something. $11/hr. I think this second party was at her house actually.

The party ends and I get my schedule for the upcoming week from her husband and I go to leave. I find my car, and I find that there is a slip of paper on it. A Ticket!!! Apparently it was wrong of me to park on that roadside in Enfield. 265 bucks wrong. I drive off and get lost in New Haven while I plot how I'm going to dispute this ticket. As I'm in New Haven I remember this other dream I had about New Haven a few weeks ago... where I got a job at Yale and the people were trying to kill me because I was awesome and could fly (I really did have this dream a few weeks ago).


Random Casino (06/19/08)

I'm with my mom and sister and we fly to IL somewhere to stay at a hotel/casino. I have no idea why. We were basically just going there for the day. I noticed that on the itinerary from the airlines that my ticket was booked separately and would be departing many hours after thiers would be. Neat. I get out my phone and leave the hotel room to make my call. It was right before bed and I'm wearing a night shirt and my purple bathrobe/duster. Whatever, it kinda looks like clothing. I walk out to the balcony (this floor had a balcony that looks down on the casino floor below. There is a snack bar and tables and chairs on this balcony) to make my call.

My phone is acting weird, and I can't find the name of the person i'm trying to call in the B's. I check a few other letters. Then I notice a prompt on my digital camera, that is alerting me that this person's black and white mini movie has been deleted because he was hving a fight with the director. Okay.... I'm glad I brought my digi cam onto the balcony. I keep trying to find him in my phone and 2 people run up and try to steal my phone. Whatever, I had a vice like grip on my phone ever since I left the room. I knew some jack asses would try and steal it. They scurry off.

I go up to a service desk and ask if there is a buisiness center where I can send an email. She says there is, but it's a $12 charge to use it. Eh. Not that important.
Then I see my friend on the tv screen. He tells me through it that he changed his name to something japanese begining with an O. It's a one-way message so I can't tell him that my phone is acting up and I'll need him to call me.

I look at my phone again and go through the O's. Now my phone is scrolling through names really fast and I can't read them. Shit. From what little I can read I am not seeing anything japanese.

Oh well, I guess I will be spending those extra hours in IL by myself.


Best School Project Ever! (06/16/08)A

SN Chalmers's school was having a big spinning demo. She invited me to drop by and participate. Sweet.
All the kids are in the cafe with thier ghetto cd/dowel/hook spindles waiting on thier fiber. I go down the hall to look for the fiber. As I'm walking down the hall, some gym teacher who I guess transfered to this school recognizes me and runs up to say hi. She wants to have me come back for some sort of thing. I forget. She does give me 1 silk hankie to spin. It is dark teal. Nice. I run back to the cafe since apparently fiber distribution is already taking place. I pass by what looks like a buffet line with piles of silk hankies in all sorts of colors laid out and kids all around it taking them. Cool.
I get to where I was sitting in the cafe and SN Chalmers choose a hankie for me since I wasn't there when the people handing them out when by. This one is the same dark teal color. I ask around to see if there are any extra hankies around. If there is one thing I have it's fiber greed. No, Im' told that the massive piles on the buffet table are gone, everyone got one. Oh well.

Dueling Devils (06/16/08)B

There was a movie preview that sister was telling me about. David Boreanas and The Rock were demons and stuff etc etc..
I go check it out.
They are just actors that look like David Boreanas and The Rock, but they are still fine to play devils.

I guess the plot of the movie was that these 2 demons were going to instigate some shit on earth in some large spooky house with a family. From what I could gather from the preview there was a diabolical scavenger hunt going on with magical keys being the prime target for the hunt. There was some romance that happens between the David Boreanas guy and the college student daughter of the family. Michael Landon was the dad of the family. There was a teenage son who was severely autistic, but this demon interaction makes him highly fnctioning towards the end. The demons also become good guys. IDK. I really wanted to see it.

I made a huge group of people see it. I'm enjoying the crap out of it and they were not. Oh well. There is a scene where the now-good demons are hanging out in a field with thier new friends the hostage family and the forces of evil are doing shit to the sky and the night sky is full of red blobs and balls of stinging hair are raining from it. One of my friends made some comment about 'Sky Herpes'. Yeah, that scene is cheesy, but you need to suspend your disbelief and stuff and STFU.


Job Search (6/08/08)

I am shopping at the supermarket when I hear my name being called over the loud speaker. Not just a coincidental same-first-name thing, but my full name. The speaker wants me to go to the guest services counter. I go there. They had my resume and were paging me, if I was still in the building (and I was), for an interview.


I was handed this long ass several page application, which read more like one of those shitty survey deals that circulate on Myspace than an actual application. I think there were even those crazy word math problems on it too. It was confussing to me and I could barely read it (the part of your brain that reads does not work when you are dreaming or something. Go look it up). It was a thursday and it was getting late. I had agreed to meet MauraK before SnB for some dissertation stuff and it was closing in on that time. It was not clear whether I was going to get this job or not so I decided to leave and go meet with MauraK and the knitters.

I get to the center of town where we are going to meet up and there is a movie being shown. I see MauraK and she's got a bowl of some sort of rice(?). I have a seat to watch the movie and sitting next to me is that interviewing manager from the supermarket. He seems hurt and dissapointed to see me here rather than at the supermarket filling out that application. I rolled my eyes at him and listed for him all the reasons that he, the application, and that supermarket Suck.

(I dedicate this dream to all the interviewers who have interviewed me and rejected me.)


Power plant (6/2/08)

On the news there was some issue with the nuclear power plant off the shore of CT. It was steaming ominously. The officials said not to worry about it.

The next day Mom, sister and I were driving around. I decided to look out the window just in time to see a flash and then a dome of light and energy rising from the horizon. Oh shit! It's the power plant! It exploded! I asked them where we were. They said Amherst. Ok, phew, Amherst Mass I assume. No, Amherst CT, they say. Fuck! And that's like only 6 miles from the plant!

The shockwave gets to us and it's not so bad. For whatever reason we continue our stupid road trip around Amherst with frequent stops so we can get all the deadly radiation we can get.