A dream that makes sense (9/27/08)

IRL: I slept for much of the day on Saturday. I needed to do something with the dozen or so peaches that I picked the week before.

Dream: I could make the fold-over cookies with the peaches! That would be tasty and different. I would need to go to the store to get a package of cream cheese, but that's ok as I need to get a few things at the store anyways. The fold-over cookies do call for a jam filling, and I really don't feel like cooking down a bunch of peaches all night long... But if I did I could get some vanilla ice cream at the store to help use up and peach stuff that might be left over when the cookies are completed!

IRL: I did not make cookies. I made a peach upside down cake, and some peach muffins. I did get the vanilla ice cream to go with the cake though.


That internet friend (9/25/08)

For whatever random reason I have one of my former internet friends visiting. He's kindof a dick. Some huge party gets started here and the house gets trashed. My mom is all up in my grill yelling at me for the mess I made. While my mom is trying to get my attention the internet friend is also talking to me, and like an asshole, is not shutting up while my mom is talking. Dude, I'll get in trouble if I don't listen to what my mom issaying, STFU. I'm being yelled at for the pile of dirty dishes. I yell back that they are the mess that her cousin, who has been visiting now for a month, has made. He's such a slacker.

job interview! don't be late! (9/24/08)

While struggling to wake up before my bank teller job interview I had this dream:

I'm looking around for that big stack of resumes I printed out that day I went to the crappy job fair. I find them in a manilla envelope. Sweet. I take them out to inspect them and make sure they are the generic ones and not the specific ones.
"...to obtain an entry level Obstetrician/Gynecologist position..."
Yeah, those are the ones. That's just another way of saying Bank Teller too, right??

I wake up with barely enough time to get to my interview.


yuck. (9/22/08)

I'm having a grand old time being with my boyfriend and everything is peachy keen and romantic and then I realize that it's really my ex-boyfriend. Umm? (Yeah, I'm confussed too) ....I forgave him for cheating and lying and being just an asshole in general? And I'm happy with him? He sucks and is a loser. WTF.

Dreams are so stupid.


Weird Vacation? (9/15/08)

Emily, Sarah, Mark and myself were going to go to see a show before we traveled to Europe. The show was some sort of one-person play/stand up/concert thing. It was kinda lame.

Later on we find ourselves at a beach. The tsunamis was not as frequent on this day, which is good. I grew tired of the beach so I teleported to another place. There was some sort of annoying and violent redneck family squatting in this new place. They did not seem to like my intrusion so they had sent one of thier stolen pet lions after me. This particular lion was black and didn't have much in the way of neck fur. I flew up into the air, the lion reared up to get me, I was just out of it's reach. I ended the fight by jumping on the lion's neck and breaking it's spine. This just pissed off the rednecks and they were about to sic another stolen lion on me, but what they didn't know was that the cops were on thier way, and they had guns. The lions were shot. Thew rednecks and the police had a fierce gun battle so I teleported away. Unfortunately one of the gun-totting rednecks got teleported with me, and I soon found myself hiding behind a large pillar-like sculpture while the gunman looked for me. The people in the office building that owned the sculpture eventually called the cops to get the guy. I teleported to rejoin my friends at the beach.

From there we went to Europe, somewhere on the Hungary/Germany/France border. We were going to see a show there too. It was supposed to be the finest show in Hungary/Germany/France. Before the show we walked the streets of whatever city is on the border of H/G/F. It was full of crazy shops. That is always a good time. There was this riverboat or ferry ride that looked classy and cool so we decided we'd go for a ride on it. We get just to the front of the line, which is on a ramp that attatches to the boat, and the girl employee was like "We are full. We can't fit any more humans on the boat." Naturally I stepped over the rope and revealed that I was not human (I'm from space, and the future, and I can teleport and fly). She looked at me like I was high on crack. I offered to show her my tail, or my 4th stomach.

We got escorted off the boat ramp. Whatever. It was almost time for the show anyways. While lining up to get our seats we run into alot of germans also in line to see the show.
I say : The german accent is really hot.
Emily says: No, it sounds like garbage.
Oh snap.
We are seated and the show begins. It seems sort of familiar. The lady is lame, but is dressed totally different from that show we saw before we went to the beach that time. Then the lady makes some reference to the bag of tattoos she just got. Wait... that previous show also had a bag of tattoos. I stood up and asked her if that bag of tattoos was a large black garbage bag. She turned pale and realized that she'd been found out. She ran off the stage on tears. Nobody in the audience cared, because the play or whatever it was sucked. The german-accented people thanked me.

We left the theatre and it was dark out. Emily, Sarah and Mark were all holding hands and skipping down the sidewalk, sortof like that scene in Wizard of Oz. It was difficult for me to keep up on foot so I flew above them. As they approached the street I shrank them so it would be easier to cross the street. Being really small makes it easier to be seen by oncoming traffic, right? After screaming and running thier way across the busy european street they get to the other side of the road. I restore them to thier usual sizes. Somehow we are at Central Connecticut State University at dawn. Weird.


War (9/4/08)

I wake up today and there is a war going on in our yard (at the old house).
A tank and some army guys are in the garage and they are firing off rounds at the enemy from the driveway. You can see the tracers going off into the sky. I really have no idea who the enemy is, or why the war is in our yard. I wonder if I should bring refreshments to the army guys in the garage.

I'm asking my mom about the war when I start to see incoming tracers. I tell my mom I love her and then I go take cover on the back porch. At some point I decide to go out into the back yard. As I'm walking back around to the front yard I see a figure stand up from the garden. They are covered in dirt and twigs like they had just crawled her through the dirt and came up through the garden. The figure has a machine gun. I yell to the arm guys for help as I get shot (a lot). The army guys come over and catch the figure. Under all that dirt and stick camoflage is a grimey blonde woman with missing teeth. The enemy? The army guys beat her up but are careful not to kill her. They need info from her.

I wake up in a hospital. One of the comanding officers from the garage is there too. They replaced his blood with a high protien blue liquid. It was kinda cool.


Cat & Mouse (9/3/08)

I'm in the bathroom and I'm looking over at the window where cannibal (our black cat) is sitting. A black mouse runs out from the window and into the bathtub. It starts running around the walls of the shower like speedy gonzales. The cat reaches out and catches the mouse by it's tail then drops it into the toilet. I was so proud. I quickly shut the lid on the toilet and flush it. Naturally the toilet decides to overflow and I have to pick the toilet up and move it so I can sop up all the water.

Rhinebeck Massacre (9/2/08)

I'm on a bus going to Rhinebeck with a bunch of other people. At some point I decide that I want to drive myself there so I get in a car and continue on my way. A few other people came with me. Car trouble happens and we pull over to get some repairs done. There is this rednecky family that offers to help and they start by leaving the car outside and separating me and my friends. I'm made to wash dishes.

It occurs to me that they mean us harm so I get on the walkie-talkie to one of my friends and I tell her we are going to leave now. I went to look for her but never found her. It was too late anyhow. I had to leave the corpses and my car and make myself invisible. I flew above the trees (I also fly) and saw the psycho redneck family go outside looking for me with thier shotguns in hand.