Working From Home (8/23/08)

Monogramming is really busy right now. I'm in my bed room, using my bed as a desk, and customers are coming in and trying to get monogramming done. It's really annoying. I can't work like this. I shut down the register in my room and shut the door. People are still barging in looking to get stuff monogrammed. I eventually leave the room so I can go get some paper to make a sign to put on my door that says something like "Closed" or "Kindly GTFO". While I'm in the kitchen looking for a marker that isn't dried out I can see people walking down the hall way and peering into my room. It's rude as fuck.

Dangling Gut (08/22/08)

One day I am in the bathroom getting dressed and I see myself in the mirror. My tummy is all flabby, and is actually hanging down, in 2 lobes, kinda like saggy boobs. I am horrified. I am depressed. I resolve to stop eating at Burger King all the time.


Snake & Bake (8/9/08)

I'm over at Sarizona and SN Chalmer's apartment. I've been playing with Sarizona's snake, Guadalupe. A craving for fried clam strips hits me and I start baking some on a cookie sheet..... in the terrarium with the snake. That is how you bake stuff.

I'm all looking in through the the glass and getting upset because Guad is slithering over my clam strips. Snakes have alot of germs. How do Sarizona and SN Chalmers cook things with this constant interference????


Dolphins and stuff? (8/5/08)B

I'm at the beach with some people at dusk. We are chilling and stuff and someone points out a door that is floating in the water. The door is being puched around, and it turns out that there are dolphins doing it. Yay dolphins! It's like a free visit to Seaworld!. The dolphins decide to come see us on the beach so they slide up on the sand just where the waves end. I try to get a picture with my cell phone but they looked kinda angry and I was afraid they would attack me.

Hurricane House Sitting (8/5/08)A

Divinebird needs me to watch over shit at her house. She and her husband will be out of town again. Their new house is at the shore. A storm is rolling in. There are lots of people in her house. I guess she's having a going away party before she goes on vacation. The room we are all in is a room with lots of windows, and we can see the waves getting choppy outside.

Soon enough the waves are hitting the house anbd splashing over the windows. i'm flipping out. At a beach house is not where you should be in a hurricane, esp when the beach house seems to be right on the damn beach. DB assures me that this is ok. The waves won't get in, the windows will hold. The waves are shaking the house. This is not cool.

They better be paying me well.

Dethklok (8/4/08)

I find myself working with the fictional band Dethklok again. Now I'm like thier manager or something. We are on tour. In the hotel we are staying in I drop by on Cryozombie who is also in that hotel for some reason.

(I should really port my dreams on the day of, not several days later when I have forgotten)