New Store (2/24/09)

My family decided to open a store. What kind of store? I'm not really sure. An evertything store. The store didn't even have a name. It's this great big warehouse looking deal in a strip mall. Hmm.

I decided that maybe the no-name everything store would do well with a plant at the doorway. You know, like an ivy for the trellis archway at the entrance of the store. That would be inviting. I ask Sarizona if she'd be interested in having me plant grapes, because I really like comparing the yields and other qualities of seed packets.


The Temp (2/22/2009)

IRL= My Grandfather died 2 weeks ago.

Dream= My Grandfather is back. Temporarily.

It's sorof like a benign zombie. No brain cravings. Just a regular guy who will die again unexpectedly in the near future. Not really sure where he came from, who resurected him, or why he (or even WE actually) were in our old house. He was in the brown armchair.

Knowing of his condition I kept asking him "How are you feeling?" to which he would reply "Why do you keep asking me that?"
Weird. Gross morbid and weird.

One day I am walking up the steps that lead from the front door into the kitchen and I see him slumped over forward in the armchair. I call to my dad to come to the room to figure out what to do with the expired zombie. The sound of my entrance and call for help woke him up. He was just sleeping.