The MALL pt 2 (9.16.09)B

I end up in a less geologically active mall someplace else. I first walk into a Panera-type place and people I know are working there. I hang out for a few minutes and help them with some tomatoes. From there I walk into the mall and I find that most of the stores are closing. It's close to 9pm. Well crap.

I wander around the closed mall for a few minutes looking for anything that might be open still. Nothing is, but I do see people setting up signs for a Buffalo Wings convention that was going to be at that mall the next day. I might have to come back and check that out.

On my way out of the mall I come to some charity book sale in a tunnel leading out of the mall. I spot some knitting magazine with like a knitted fruit motif on the cover and that entices me to stop and look around more. There were craft supplies mixed in with the books. I found some pony beads that were shaped like dinosaurs. I add them to my stuff to buy.


The MALL pt 1 (9.16.09)A

I'm wandering around the mall and I'm getting bored with it so I go to leave and end up in a parking garage. It's dark and dank and spooky and I can hear the ocean. I go towards the opening to go out of the garage as my car was not parked in the garage. I get to the outside and I'm on some craggy beach. The waves come up and crash and sizzle on the rocks. Sizzle? That's weird. I look behind me and the mall is being swallowed by lava! I teleport out of there.


Itty Bitty Kitty (9/15/09)

I am cleaning stuff out of the house for a tag sale and I notice a small fuzzy spot on the wall near the light switch. It is more or less round, black, and has a cat's face. It gets off the wall and into my bed. I continue getting stuff together for that tag sale. It sleeps on my bed.


Pizza and 15 minutes of fame (9.9.09)

In preparation for my free pizza and Dr Pepper lunch tomorow, I spent the evening prepping for my 15 minute talk spot that came with the free pizza. Apparently it was "Win lunch for 20 at your office and host a tv talk show for 15 minutes" ...yay.....?
Not great with public speaking, and 15 minutes is an eternity.

Spiders (9/08/09)

I'm lying in my bed and my right arm is draped over the bed. I start feeling a stinking piercing pain in my hand so I pull my hand up. On the back of my hand is a spider slightly smaller than the back of my hand. It's little spider claws are holding onto my skin and it's fangs are digging into the knuckles on my hand. I can't shake it off. It keeps digging into my hand.


Native Maine-Ahhsholes! (9.1.09)

The BF and I are on a vacation to Maine of all fucking places. There are like 49 other states I'd rather be in but whatever.
We drive up to this rocky parking lot overlooking a tidal marshy-thing. The parking spot we have faces this sketchy tavern (poorly!) constructed out of odd bits of wood that is sortof standing above this marsh on a series of stilts. The only way to get to this tavern is by crossing over this 1/4 mile long wooden walkway, which is also up on stilts of questionable craftsmanship. The walkway extends away from us and connects up to a neighborhood on the other side of this marsh.

This place looks like crap, we collectively think, just before the rotted out stilts collapse and the shoddy building falls into the marsh. What can you really expect from a state that brought you that company that built it's reputation on boots that fall apart? We laugh our asses off.

As I am trying to drive away the car starts sliding backwards through the gravel parking lot. We come to a rest at the end of the parking lot without hitting anything and manage to drive away. We consider going to like Panera or something.

We decide Panera is too easy of a choce, and we end up at some questionable diner who has it's menus in old text books and children's stories.