Lesbians?!? (10/28/08)

I'm at my grandparent's house in TX for a birthday party for some little cousins of mine. They are twins, a boy and a girl. My grandparent's house is huge and awesome. It has one of the most complicated staircases in the world. To go to the second floor you have to go up one staircase, down another one, across this little walkway, down and then up again. It takes a while but it gives you a good workout.

At some point a relative takes me asside and says: "There has been some talk about you and lesbians. Do you know lesbians????"

"Certainly not! That would be scandalous!" I say.

That put everyone's mind at ease and we returned to the party. My little cousins were unwrapping thier gifts.


oopse! (10/27/08)

While pet sitting at this house with a dog I forget to feed the dog for a few days... and forget to let it out of it's crate. Damn! It probably needs to potty! As I let the dog out to the back yard I see this quail stuck in the enclosed porch. I try to reach through the bars to touch it and she tries to snap at me. Her mate, a pheasant, is waiting outside for her release. I ask the quail if I can touch her feathers, they are so pretty and green. She says it's ok. I touch the pretty green feathers.