Speedlings (3/7/10

I got ready to set up some seeds in a window to get them started for the planting season. I found some old peat pots in a closet from a few years before. Some of them had little 1/2 inch sprouts in them that were mummified. Sad. I put them in the window and put water on them so they'd be ready for new seeds. The water soaked in to the dried out sprouts and they turned green again. It was like watching a time lapse video of plants growing. The little sprouts started to jiggle as new leaves and branches bloomed from them and they grew taller. The explosive growth tapered off after the seedlings got to about 10 inches. I called my sister to tell her about it.

Pop (3/6/10)

A guy I randomly friended on fACEBOOK is angry at me for being less interesting than I used to be. He is unfriending me, and moving out of the spare room. On his way out her gets his box of mice off the top of the fridge where he was hiding them from me. I told him that it would have been ok with me if he had the mice out. I don't need them hidden from me. We part ways.

In the commotion my tank of small fish was moved to the sink. The faucet was running in the sink too. A minute or two later I hear a loud pop in the sink. I look in to see what happened. In the sink was a finger sized piece of grey meaty popcorn. The other end of the eel was still in the fish tank. All of my little fish were ruptured and floating. While the sink was running it was apparently pouring out boiling water which caused the water in the tank to over heat and cook the fish.


Shag (01/11/10)

I was at this bed and breakfast with some friends when I realized that my left earring was missing. SHIT!! This B&B had tall shaggy carpets and I had been in and out of like every room in the place.

I got down on my hands and knees and started searching the carpet for the 10 gauge SSS bead ring (That's stainless steel body jewelry, FYI). I found a bead! I didn't remember my bead being so large, and threaded... it's not my bead. I put it in my pocket and continue searching for mine. A moment later I find a barbell sans threaded beads that did not match the bead I had in my pocket. Mmkay.... An hour or so later I had been to a few rooms and I had a growing pile of disarticulated body jewelry. There were barbells, bead rings, beads with crystals, nostril screws... etc. If I just ran out and got some needles I could have opened up my very own unsanitary piercing studio.

I don't know how all this jewelry could have been lost in the first place. I mean, I know that there is a carpet and that you would not hear your nut rings clank on the floor, but you would probably notice that your nut sack felt 1/4 lb lighter, right? After all that pain and expense of getting your nut sack pierced you'd search everywhere for your giant missing nut rings.

I eventually find my missing earring (I assume it's mine anyways because it's the same basic size as the ring in my other ear) and it's been stepped on and bent a little. Well damn, I guess I need to go buy another one.


Bathroom Window Videophone (01/09/10)B

My coworker Holly was going to have this party tonight so I went into the bathroom and was getting ready. I'm all on the toilet and stuff, peeing, and the bathroom window videophone like rang (?) or something so I answered it. It was Raji and she was wondering if I was also going to Holly's party tonight. We talked for a few minutes and it was really windy outside and I could see trees snapping off and crashing to the ground. One tree trunk crashes into the BWVP and it looks like Raji got crushed. I of course calmly return to my bodily functions and continue getting ready for the party.
The BWVP comes back up a bit later and Raji is fine cuz obviously she does not live in the Window.

Dinner with the Brins (01/09/10)A

I was so stoked! I was going to be hanging out with David Brin and his family! YES!! It was so gonna rock. I brought my mom. We talked about books and shit, then we got out some Sci Fi movies and started watching those. Mom left because she's not into Sci Fi.