Snakes in a Drain! (July 09)

(Mother's Dream)

She was told to look in the back yard because there was this 30 foot snake there. She's a huge fan of having snakes on the property. She looks out there and sees the 30 ft snake. Another 30 foot snake arrives and it is revealed that they will be out there to mate. Even funner!

The snakes mated, then they turned to liquid and flowed into a drain in the ground. A 3rd snake appears later with 2 bumps in it's body. This is what actually happened to the other snakes.

Now that all this snake drama was over my mom could go back to more important things, like that tea-tasting project for school. She had to sample 12 different teas and then do a write up on them. She's also a huge fan of drinking tea. My dad also had to do this tea project for school so he was in the other room drinking his tea. We, the little kids, were disruptive and squeally.


Bank of America Cake Proccessing Center (7/6/09)

I'm at my temp job at Bank of America. I guess they called me back in for more temp/seasonal stuff. This time they need me in their cake dec department.

I'm in there and I'm decorating this cake with this long-ass full-of-consonants probably Polish name on it when I realize that I have my cell phone in my pocket from when I was on break. Shit. We are really really not allowed to have our phones with us when we are anywhere other than the cafeteria. Being caught with one will get you fired. There is sensitive information in the back rooms and they don't want us taking pictures of it or calling anyone to tell them about it.

I can't even really try to excuse myself to use the bathroom, or get an advil out of my locker without one of the bank officials maybe snagging me for a not-so-random pocket search. It's just a temp job, but I really would rather not be fired from it.