Girl's Night In.... While Out? (3/27/09)B

It's friday, and I'm going to be going over to LadyMedic's house for a Girl's Night In get together. I figure it's just a few girls, a guy or two prolly, and some knitting and wine. Fun X's.
Turns out I have not slept very well and I am super tired (This is the dream by the way, which is partially similar to how it was in RL) and really don't feel like going anywhere other than to bed for a nap. The time gets loser and closer to the time I was supposed to go over. I almost start to reconsider getting up and going over, but then It's like 7pm and they are here for some reason, not at LM's house. Odd. Oh, I guess it's because I'll be watching LM's kid while they are out. Yeah, I guess In turned to Out. Thats fine. What's not fine is that the couple of girls going out were wearing pasties instead of shirts. It's so not legal.

Race to Human Mountain (3/27/09)A

The alien kids on Race to Witch Mountain might be pleasant, but the rest of the people on their planet are dicks!

I'm in one of their houses mysteriously. I am not sure how I got there and I think I'm still on earth. The family living there is really tired of seeing me wander around like a noob and they start demanding that I leave. Their pets come out of wherever they have been hiding. 3 cats. One cat is normal like your typical earth cat, with a normal earth cat body and a normal earth cat pointed muzzle. The other two cats had long necks and their heads were flush with their necks in some weird half-cylinder. It's like a furry stalk of celery with a face on it. Also they had a really weird meow.

I asked the family WTF was up with their cats and they were like "Nothing is TF up with our cats, GTFO, for real."

Then I go, and I realize that I'm on Witch Mountain's planet and not earth, and that is why the cats looked all crappy.


Scorpion (3/25/09)

I found a 7 inch scorpion in the house. It's pretty nasty. I mashed it into a green paste, probably with some cilantro.


Bake Sale (3/24/09)

I'm walking around on campus. I have no idea why I feel the need to go to campus if I'm not going to go to my classes. My report card is going to suck!
In one building I see various baked goods set out on a long table. They look good so I go in. I see prices. A bake sale? Sweet. I get a plate and start choosing the bars that I want. Banana something? Yes. Someone took the last thing with blueberries before I could get it. Ugly cookie? Not so much.
Mr Murphree walks up to me and is talking to me about stuf. I think he still thinks I'm around in the high school. It's been like 15 years now since I was in his class. You think he'd know better.

Mexicans (3/23/09)

My family and I are in the living room (old house) when the mexicans beat the door down. Other than the beating of the door they don't seem violent. They just want some stuff in the kitchen. We ignore them. My cat Sneakers is in the window with no screen. Another cat unknown to us is in the window with a screen. This new cat walks up to the screen-less window where Sneakers is relaxing and forces her out of it. We hear a thud on the lawn.
I run out to the flower bush and my cat is twitching on the ground.


CLASSIC: My Guest Spot on Babylon 5 (January 7ish 1996)

New feature on the Dream Blog: Dreams I Had A Long Time Ago

If you followed the show at all..... There was a 2 part episode about time travel and during the time traveling one of the characters, Captain Sheridan, got 'unstuck' in time and ended up flopping around in time periods. Thats when he ran into me on Earth, January 1996.

The rest of his time traveling crew came for him in a transport ship from the larger spaceship, and this transport ship looked like a large trasnparent cube. It was not fun to ride in for that very reason.

The captain gets back to his ship and all is well in B5 and I go home.

(Yeah, so I remember the date 13 years ago blah blah. It was right after new years, I had a paper due in my Ethnic Studies class that monday, but a huge blizzard came though and cancelled school that day. There was like 2.5 -3 feet of snow. It rocked ass.)

Sable the Cat (03/10/09)

IRL: We recently had a cat from the humane society living with us while an injury healed. Shortly before he was scheduled to come back he figured out how to open doors. His name is Sable.

Dream: Sable keeps opening doors. It's so stressful. Sometimes he opens the door to the bathroom (where we keep him) and gets our cats to go in and then shuts the door on them. Sometimes he leaves the house altogether and we have to go chase him up and down the street.


Ishtar (3/4/09)

There is this crazy planet of craziness. We join our protagonists in the middle of the ocean. One is a anthropomorphic squid, who doubles as an inner-tube. Floating on this squid is a small female creature and some other creature. It's not important what they are. They are going to the city to see the gods and goddesses in the temple.

Next we see our protagonists in the city. The city is a rough place, full of bead vendors and rapists. Somehow our trio of misfits makes it to the temple doors. It's like disney world. It's a big tourist destination and there are lines everywhere. The first room in the temple is this strange pool with a goddess named Ishtar in it. Our characters walk/float/swim through the pool and when they get to the other side they have temporarily transparent bodies (it's like a metaphor or something about the goddess seeing what's inside of them). Ishtar takes the trio asside and gives them helpfull life advice, usually involving Cosmopolitain magazine in some way.

The next room is a big lecture hall and all of the people there had to walk though a hall and get some seating assignment. The female creatures seat number was not available at the time, so the attendant gave her his phone number so she could get the seat assignment later.

Stereo Ghosts & Japanese Supermodel Tornados(3/3/09)

One night (in the old house, wtf?) I can't sleep so I walk out to the kitchen to get something. Just then the stereo starts playing music all by itself. It was some song that I heard in the movie Gremlins, "....Do you hear what I hear?..". Weird. I shut off the stereo and start to walk back to my room. Just then the other stereo starts up with the same song. The first stereo starts up again too. Realizing that something paranormal is going on here I plop down in the middle of the living room and start begging the ghosts to stop. I really needed to get some sleep.

Later on I find myself in an elementary school in Japan telling them of my stereo ghost experience. The teachers kept talking over me and interupting me. I really hate that. The weather outside was kinda frightful. At some point I looked out and saw funnel clouds. Like 6 of them even. Shit! These clouds were kinda funny looking for funnel clouds, as they were sortof shaped like slender legs, and they connected to these larger inverted funnels that looked like skirts. Um, okay. The tornado-legs were cat-walking towards the school. I order the kids to get into the interior rooms of the building, esp if there were no windows or butcher knives in them, and get into a ball and cover thier heads.


Peach Muffins (3/2/09)

My grandfather is back, again, and I'm in the old house, again. More specifically, I am in the kitchen. I had just made a batch of those peach muffins with that recipe from Lyman Orchard that came out really good with PYO* peaches but not so good with canned peaches. I had used canned peaches this time, sadly. They were kinda eh. A lot EH actually. Almost really bad. I had alot of them, and I'd probably take them to work, as those tards will eat anything left unattended.

My grandfather was in the kitchen investigating the cooling racks. I offered him some of the muffins. IDK, just because I hate them does not mean that they are inedible to other people. He takes one into his hand and has a bite. He takes one into his other hand and has a bite. Before I can stop him He cuts into the giant muffin (It's some gaudy cake pan set that looks like the bottom of a cupcake and the top of a cup cake that you put together after you bake them. You can buy it in the Skymall catalog, or at Hobby Lobby/A.C. Moore/Jo Ann etc...) and starts scooping out the peach jam filling I put in it. Weird. It was stupid looking anyways.

My grandfather starts telling me of his new house and his new roommate. I look into the backyard and I see the roommate and a bright red sports car.

*PYO= Pick Your Own. If produce in your area is available for PYO, do it! It's the best! PickYourOwn.org