A Spinning Dream? (07/06/08)

I'm shopping and then I find myself in the wool aisle. There are wooden shelf/bin things with 4oz braids of handpainted roving. These wern't like The Painted Sheep's rovings, these were better somehow. More of something. Spots? Yeah, some of the rovings were sortof heathered as well as dyed fancy colors. I kept picking them up, trying to decide which one to get. They were like $13-ish dollars and I already feel like I can't spin the stuff I have fast enough. I really don't need One let alone 2 or 3.


Evil Midget (07/03/08)

My sister's friend was spending a night at the house. She was in another room sitting on a chair. I figured she was doing something, or was shy, or whatever. I didn't care, I was knitting and watching TV in another room.

At some point the girl walks into the room I'm in, full of piss and vinegar, and demands that I shut off the TV and all the lights. No, I say. This girl is like 3 feet tall at best. An angry white trash doll. She takes the tv controller and walks away with it after shutting the tv off. I get up, pick her up, make fun of her short little baby fingers, and get the controller back. After I set her down she bolts and gets into the seat I was sitting in. I just pick her evil midget ass back up, make fun of it a bit more, then set her back down in another seat. She walks out of the room bitching all the way. Sister was back at that point and had witnessed much of this interaction. Apparently she was sick of this girl too now.

Flying Sucks (07/02/08)

I'm getting ready for a trip and I'm packing and it's taking a long time. I look at the clock and it's closing in on 2pm. Oh shit, isn't my flight at 1:30? Shit shit shit....

I wake up from that dream and realize it's still early. Cool. I get to the airport and realize that I forgot my Ipod ear-things. Crap. Well I can buy more @ the airport. Oh, but then I realize I forgot my Ipod too. It's on my bed, and it's not even charged. Oh well. I guess I'll be listening to engine sounds without a faint hint of music mixed in with them.

I get up to the bag check area and they ask to see ID and ticket. FUCK!! where is my ticket?!? I dig through my bags, all 3 of them, looking for my e-ticket print out. I find all sorts of other things, like mail order reciepts from LLB and Amazon, knitting patterns, blank sheets of paper.... etc...

I think the ticket guy got tired of me holding up the line and he just let me through. I really wanted to be like "NO! YOU CAN'T LET ME THROUGH!!! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SECURITY!!!" But I was just eager to catch my flight.