Speedlings (3/7/10

I got ready to set up some seeds in a window to get them started for the planting season. I found some old peat pots in a closet from a few years before. Some of them had little 1/2 inch sprouts in them that were mummified. Sad. I put them in the window and put water on them so they'd be ready for new seeds. The water soaked in to the dried out sprouts and they turned green again. It was like watching a time lapse video of plants growing. The little sprouts started to jiggle as new leaves and branches bloomed from them and they grew taller. The explosive growth tapered off after the seedlings got to about 10 inches. I called my sister to tell her about it.

Pop (3/6/10)

A guy I randomly friended on fACEBOOK is angry at me for being less interesting than I used to be. He is unfriending me, and moving out of the spare room. On his way out her gets his box of mice off the top of the fridge where he was hiding them from me. I told him that it would have been ok with me if he had the mice out. I don't need them hidden from me. We part ways.

In the commotion my tank of small fish was moved to the sink. The faucet was running in the sink too. A minute or two later I hear a loud pop in the sink. I look in to see what happened. In the sink was a finger sized piece of grey meaty popcorn. The other end of the eel was still in the fish tank. All of my little fish were ruptured and floating. While the sink was running it was apparently pouring out boiling water which caused the water in the tank to over heat and cook the fish.