Orgies and Spiders (11/20/08)B

While at the mall with the BF we run into these two random dudes who we invite back to that house that I am housesitting at for an orgy. Way cool.

Later on I went back to my own house and went to use the master bathroom. On the screen of the master bathroom's window is the most horrifying giant spider. It's on the outside and that is a really good thing. It had a thick body the size of a small bird, meaty legs about the width of my fingers, and 2 huge eyes that I could kinda see through it's pale translucent yellowish body. I tried to blow it off the screen. It was so gross. I took out my camera phone so I could get a few shots of it because no way was anyone goung to believe the size of this thing. As I am photographing it it starts to slowly walk down the window and onto the roof. A passing fox runs up the side of the house to try and get it, but fails. It runs back into the forest. A few hours later I take out my phone to show people the spider pictures, but every time I pull the picture up on the screen I reflexively throw the phone on the ground. Nasty.


Haunted Bathroom (11/20/08)

I feel like a family member is playing a prank on me. Stacked on top of the faucet in the bathroom are 2 of my individually wrapped cookie bars, unwrapped and sitting directly on the toothpaste-polka-dot faucet. They are really tasty for a pre-packaged and manufactured cookie product, and now they are inedible because they are on the faucet of questionable cleanliness. Dammit. I left something in the room to go seek out the prankster and when I came back that thing was totally on top of the cookie bar stack. No one had been in the bathroom since I left it. Ghosts did it. Another person confirms that they went in there earlier and there was an apparition floating around in the shower.


My shrinking cat (11/19/08)

I'm at my grandmother's house in Niagara Falls. My whole family is there. My cat is there. In her extreme old age she has been shrinking. At 23 she is now kitten sized. It's sad and cute all at the same time. There are pillar shaped clouds in the sky behind the house so I shout to everyone to get into the basement. Evidently those tornadoes did not hit the house. Good thing too, as I was having a hard time finding a spot in the basement that was not by a window, or not by a lot of sharp tools.


War Tomorow (11/18/08)

I'm living in a high rise appartment in NJ. Apparently world war has been scheduled for Monday, and it was midnight Saturday. Crap. You just know that nukes are going to hit NYC and NJ is close enough to become charcoal. I debate leaving. My dad thinks I'll be far enough away from NYC to not die butjust get some radiation. No thanks. I contemplate calling friends and getting out of town.

(((NOTE: This is a DREAM. This is a DREAM BLOG.)))

Trees suck. (11/15/08)

It's a stormy day. I wake up and go use the bathroom. Through the bathroom window I can see a tree with a large/long branch that has broken off of it. The branch reaches from the base of the tree to the bathroom window, which it has pierced. The rest of the window did not break, but a pinky-sized stick has popped a hole in the window. I hate wind storms.


I need my space, beotch. (11/06/08)

It was SnB day, and for whatever reason my shower was not working. I called up an SnB friend to see if I could shower at her house. She said yes. I go over there and she and her family leave the house so I'll have privacy in the kitchen shower (it's really cool too cuz I can set my shampoo and stuff on the table). Just before my shower I get a text from the BF asking me what I'm up to. I say I'm at this friend's house showering. So what does he do? He shows up at the house and walks into the kitchen. OMFG. Shower time is alone time! I yell at him and try to push him out of the kitchen. Plus I don't want my friend to come back into the house and see that I have my BF in the shower with me and make her think that I'm just a weirdo. Plus I don't want her little kid to see us and have to explain to him what is going on. I finally get the BF out the door and I give him directions to SnB where he can go wait for me if he wants to hang out. I walk back into the kitchen and scream because there are some guys in there. They just came home from something and were looking for the rest of thier family. I appologize for screaming and finish my shower.

Before I went to SnB I dropped by the grocery store. I find these tables set out with lazy susans and little eclair-looking pastries. There was a contest? Or a non-free tasting? IDK. I started turning the lazy susan to look for eclairs that I wanted. Passion Fruit? Sure. Ammaretto? Yes. Some weird bright blue thing? Okay. There were little sheets of paper there so you xcould write the prices down of what you picked out so they could be rung up at the registers. Yeah, some were more exopensive. I think the passion fruit one said $9, or it was a smudged $2. Who knows, they should not have written on the frosting. I try to be good about this and write my prices down, but I'm still so irked about the shower incident that a few of the eclair prices get away from me (yeah, at this point a ton of other people are around me and are spinning the lazy susan. It try to retrace what I took and get these prices but I find that the other ones like them have been taken and eaten already. Oh well. There arn't security cameras. No one can prove what I took. I pencil in what I assume the prices could be and I check out. I guess I won't be getting a giant cookie at the coffee shop tonight.

Guilt free! (11/02/08)

I get intimate with my bf.

Yarn and Bead Show! And Infidelity! (11/01/08)

Myself and a few others went to this bead and yarn show. It was a series of large tents with booths set up inside of them. Much of the yarn a bead show was not beads or yarn and was therefore not that interesting. I moved on. I got separated from my other people and I found this one booth with both beads and yarn. Sweet. There were these neat shawl pin things (Fibulas?) that were heavy duty and high quality cast sterling and they were only $4.99. Shit, the sterling alone should have cost more. I rifle through the box of them looking for the perfect one for my Mystery Stole 3. There was a flamingo one, it was cute but it was too pointy. It would either stab me or snag up the lace. Then I find a nice dolphin one. Cool. I used to really like dolphins. Why not? I buy the dolphin pin from the lady in the booth. As I reached for my purchase I realize that it was gone. Shit. Dreams suck like that. I see near me is a big bag of multi-colored seed beads that change color in sunlight. It was $10. I buy that too, apparently not learning my lesson. It also disappears along with half of her stock. Realizing that the only way this will work is if I meet her in real life, I tell her that Stitches East will be in Hartford CT in 2009, and that she really needs to be there.
I leave the yarn/bead show.

Sometime later I am getting intimate with a guy who is not my bf. The two of us were discussing my BF though, so that means it doesn't count, right?