Blumpkins (10/09/09)

I'm in this store with a group of people. The store has innocent products in it and also smutty products. It's like that mall chain store who may or may not still exist and I can't think of their name right now. I'm walking around looking at the variety of stuff.

At some point I realize that I need to go pee so I seek out the public restroom. The bathroom was huge and had many stalls. There were armed guards in it too as the bathroom was unisex, and they don't want anyone being raped unwillingly. Man, was that bathroom a busy place! I wander through all the halls looking for an empty stall (and by STALL I mean a cubical with low walls around it so everyone can see what you are doing). I see all kinds of depravity going on. One whole row of stalls was dudes getting blumpkins (look it up).

(This post will get me a bunch of random hits from pervs!)

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