Horatio Sans (10/23/09)

I'm sleeping in my bed and as I'm waking up I roll over and face the window. In the window is a guy looking in on me. I'm barely awake and for a moment this makes sense. Also, when I am barely awake stupid things make sense. Then I realize there really is a guy in the window, that he is standing on another guy who is in a wheelchair (that's how he's tall enough to see in), and he's holding a sheep which is also staring at me so I jump up and call 911.

The robot voice on the line asks me what my emergency is and I tell it that there is a guy who looks like Horatio Sans holding a sheep and looking in my bedroom window while standing on a guy in a wheelchair. As I'm on the phone Horatio Sans gets down and leaves, dragging his sheep and his wheelchair guy with him. I ask the 911 robot to send cops to investigate this guy and I realize that the line is dead. No cops came out, probably because they thought I was making shit up.

I leave the bedroom and go down stairs and Horatio Sans is trying to get into the house! Shit!

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